Junior School

Discovery Zone

Our beautifully refurbished Discovery Zone lies at the heart of the Upper Junior School and is a busy place of discovery and delight for all girls from Grade 0 to Upper IV. The elegant, compact, and user-friendly design allows for easy, multi-purpose use. The facilities are state-of-the-art, yet timeless, and much of the treasured traditional library has been retained.

Whatever the task, the Discovery Zone has a space that fulfils that need: library or IT lessons; a quiet and comfortable to place to relax with a good book; a space to collaborate with friends on a project; a setup to execute and view IT creations; a treasury of books for reading enthusiasts; computers and iPads for completing tasks; comfortable seating for a group chat session; facilities for research and discovery; a safe place for prep in the afternoons; or a venue for class teaching. Gone is the traditional library and computer room, and in their place, our pupils and teachers have access to a modern, collaborative venue to meet the needs of a 21st Century education.

The Library

The promotion of abundant and quality reading material is critical to our thinking curriculum. Carefully designed shelving divides the library into a teaching zone, an informal reading area, with comfortable couches, and a computer area, and offers ample space for displaying popular or noteworthy titles. The best books are now but an arm’s reach away! Our non-fiction section houses a vibrant and relevant collection of information books. The St Margaret’s library is a haven of pictures and words, offering comfortable seating, beautiful displays, and the best in children’s literature.

Computer Area

The computer area consists of two learning spaces, separated by folding glass doors. The iPad section is a hive of activity, with girls engaged in learning, using the school’s iPads or their own devices. This provides a wonderful platform for collaboration, whilst researching or completing tasks. The other room is equipped with computers which are used for IT lessons or for other subjects where access to PCs is required. IPads are used in the computer room and, as the school has WI FI connectivity, in the classrooms and other learning spaces.


The Auditorium is used by teachers throughout the school as multi-media clips become a common teaching tool. Guest speakers address our girls using this area and inspire innovative thought and ensure exposure to a wide range of opportunities. The girls themselves also make use of the auditorium to present assignments to their peers and teachers. Not only does this enhance their public speaking skills, but access to leading technology ensures the girls are confident and efficient in this arena when moving on from Roedean. The Auditorium can seat 100 people.

The Realm – Roedean Enrichment and Learning Multi-Media Centre

Roedean School, South Africa (SA) celebrated its’ centenary in 2003, a decision was made to design a centre that would equip girls with the knowledge and skills demanded by the twenty-first century world. Through the fundraising efforts of the committee, as well as the generosity of many sponsors and donors the dream became a reality on 20 January, 2006 when the new centre opened its doors. The centre was named The Realm: Roedean Enrichment and Learning Multi-Media Centre.

The designers’ brief was to create an up-to-date media centre with a cutting-edge high-tech Information Technology (IT) look. Their vision and creativity have resulted in a facility that is undoubtedly one of the forerunners in IT. Students and teachers are able to work on both the Apple Mac and Microsoft networks and can complete individual or collaborative projects in a flexible, multi-media environment.

The Centre Layout

The Reference and Non-fiction books were moved from the existing library and now complement the computers and hi-tech aspect of the centre. A comfortable seating area, consisting of couches and small tables with custom-designed chairs, gives the pupils the option of reading or researching in a modern, relaxing environment. A ‘fun’ pink division panel separates the books from the computers and brings a creative, playful element into the centre.


Glass panelling and stack-away glass doors divide the two sections containing computers making it possible to allow two classes to work simultaneously. An added advantage is to have a class in one section, while students on a study break are able to use the other section without disturbing the class. These two sections can, however, be opened to accommodate as many as eighty pupils. An Interactive Smartboard is an added feature: it enables teachers to maximize the technology and to teach interactively. Students are encouraged to present the results of their various research projects on this Smartboard.


The success of this centre stems from its diversity and its state-of-the art technology as well as its modern and simple design. It is a truly multi-functional space designed to accommodate the needs of the intellectually curious twenty first century pupil.

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Since 2009, Thinking Skill have been an integral part of the curriculum, preparing pupils for the challenges of higher education and life itself. We strive to prepare our girls to lead ‘life of significance’ in a world of exponential change. Roedean is the only school in SA to be accredited as a Thinking School from Grades 0-12.