Roedean is a proud member of the Round Square which is a network of over 85 innovative schools in 40 countries across five continents.

Kurt Hahn, who inspired the Round Square philosophy, believed that it was crucial for young people to prepare for life through experiences that would demand courage, generosity of spirit, imagination, principle and resolution.

All Round Square activities are, therefore, not about simply“doing” activities, but rather about discovering that“There is more within each one of us than we think–more courage, more strength, and more compassion.” Kurt Hahn

Exploring the Discovery framework:

Round Square activities are structured around six IDEALS or pillars:

  • An International understanding and tolerance of others
  • Democratic governance and justice
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Self-discovery through Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service to others

Roedean incorporates Round Square into the philosophy and activities of the school.

Round Square Conferences:


Roedean representative for the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town 2017.

Exchange programmes

Roedean girls hosting their partners from Australia, Germany and Columbia.

Greg Mills from the Brenthurst Foundation, and past president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, on their book, Making Africa Work

Model UN

A huge amount of preparation is required for debates. The girls need to be knowledgeable about their allocated country’s stance as well as the policies of other countries: from this info they need to identify potential allies or opponents in terms of policy and recommendations. Position papers have to be drafted as well as resolutions.

Pupils debate for six hours and present, lobby, caucus, and respond diplomatically to a range of countries. For this, they have to understand the procedure of UN diplomacy and what they could attempt to change in terms of current UN policy. As the events that affect the debate unfold in real-world events–such as the Syrian war, delegates have to update their position papers/speeches and resolutions. Preparation takes the best part of a year, in terms of learning the techniques as well as the vast amount of knowledge needed. The girls grow in knowledge of current affairs and diplomatic speak.

The President’s Award.

The girls’ participation in The President’s Award continues to inspire them to set worthwhile goals and to experience a sense of achievement as they attain the various levels of the Awards. The camaraderie that the girls experience is often among the most cherished memories of their years at Roedean.

Roedean offers girls many opportunities to fulfil all aspects of The Award. Many girls develop their skills through art, involvement in many facets of music and both MUN and SACEE debating. Our sport offers the girls the chance to hone their skills and experience teambuilding in our swimming, hockey, netball and squash teams. Rock Climbing is proving popular, and the girls enjoy the challenges of both indoor and outdoor venues. Our social Responsibility Programme is carefully managed to allow the girls to give their time our social responsibility partnership projects. Phedisang, remains for many, a definite experience in learning about rural South Africa.

Yahsna Bhutt reflect on her journey through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels of The Award.

My schooling career is nearly at its end, and, if I look back at all of these years, I am grateful for all I have experienced and gained. If someone had to ask me what I enjoyed about school, I could safely say that I enjoyed all of the opportunities I was offered, but especially The President͛s Award.

The lessons and skills I gained meant so much more than a simple badge. I will always remember the friends I͛ve made, how playing card games and͚ Mafia͛ became the greatest way to spend an evening, spending 5 solid days singing while hiking through mud and rain in the exquisite Magoebaskloof, the joys of eating all the cans of baked beans just to get rid of weight in our sacks, bonding with everyone each morning over sore shoulders and blistered feet, or the excitement of rowing down the Orange River and spending entire afternoons swimming and enjoying the peacefulness of your surroundings. Of course, these are not glamorous experiences, but they are experiences I will remember with joy forever. Phedisang was an entirely new experience for me. Even if I try to help a relatively small group of people, it can make a difference.

Wilderness experiences.

Visiting the Dali Lama in India.


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SA's Pioneers of Cognitive Education

Since 2009, Thinking Skill have been an integral part of the curriculum, preparing pupils for the challenges of higher education and life itself. We strive to prepare our girls to lead ‘life of significance’ in a world of exponential change. Roedean is the only school in SA to be accredited as a Thinking School from Grades 0-12.