Old Mutual Prestige Cup

Old Mutual Roedean School Water Polo Prestige Cup

In 2010, Roedean School and Old Mutual entered into a most exciting partnership and collaboration, which focuses on developing the skills of both swimming and water polo for children.

Now in its seventh year, this annual competition has certainly become a red-letter event on the water-polo calendarTen top Gauteng schools play out for the honour of winning the Prestige Cup, but the aim of the competition as a whole is not so much sporting success as Community Service.

“We are proud of the Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup, and the part that it plays in teaching children to swim”

Sponsored by Old Mutual, a prerequisite for the schools competing in this tournament is to have a CSI Learn-to-Swim component. Each school has partnered with an under-resourced school/community and has implemented a sustainable programme, which teaches swimming and/or Water Polo at its partnership school/community. The prize money received by the top three schools is used to develop the learn-to-swim programme further in their partnership schools.

Every year, Roedean School (SA) hosts a Swim-a-Thon, in which, at midday, five of the partnership schools bring children from their learn-to-swim programme to participate in the event. The children swim in a relay format for a set time-period. Whilst the schools and the crowds’ cheer, these young swimmers swim their hearts out, loving being able to showcase their swimming skills and the medals and certificates that they receive. Old Mutual further sponsors all schools that participated in the swim-a-thon.

Old Mutual is committed to social development and investing in South African talent. To this end, the Old Mutual Sponsorship team plays an active role in an array of fields and their sponsorships contribute to developing on the rich cultural tapestry of our nation. This is achieved by promoting unity through sporting events, celebrating diversity, and stimulating growth and education.

By sponsoring the Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup, Old Mutual promotes the development of young girls through sport, giving them an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem and to develop a positive body image by recognising themselves as competent, strong, and healthy.

We are proud of the Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup, and the part that it plays in teaching children to swim.

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