Snr School Textbook Sales

The annual senior school textbook drive is a major PTA fundraising initiative and is a mammoth task in planning, organising, and distribution.

The PTA liaise with the Teachers as to which textbook will be required for the following year. We then source these textbooks from various suppliers & order.

Roedean is the only school that takes back the textbooks that can be used again at the end of each year, and a credit is given to the girls. We then give the girls the option to select New or 2nd hand textbooks for the following year. Once we receive the textbooks, we as a committee then cover these books with plastic. This process prolongs the life of these textbooks.

The girls receive an email in September with their subject choices & textbooks required for their subjects for the following year. The girls can then select which books they will be returning, some textbooks are kept for more than one year. They also then select the textbooks for the following year and if they want new or a mixture of new and 2nd hand textbooks. This gives us an indication of how many new textbooks will be required for the following year, and how many 2nd hand book we should receive back. We then order the textbooks required.

Each textbook is barcoded with the new or 2nd hand prices. Each child has a unique code, the barcoded books are scanned and allocated to the individual requirements. Each girl’s bag is individually packed and checked. The accounts are generated & sent out to the parents for payment before collection can take place. We hand out the textbook bags in the last week of the school term at the end of the year. Some textbooks have to be imported, they generally only arrive in January, these books are then once again packed and checked and handed to the tutors to hand to the girls in January.

Placing bulk orders with suppliers allows the PTA to benefit from rebates paid by suppliers. The rebates represent the income derived from this initiative.

Every year the PTA sponsors the cost of the textbooks required by bursary students at Roedean as part of the PTA Social Responsibility Program.

Volunteers are welcome to visit the book room and help cover books. You can contact us either via email

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