Roedean Year 1993

Our history lesson started in Founder’s Hall. We began to look at the portraits on the wall. All the clothes that the heads were wearing are quite different to what people wear nowadays. TL and KME are Founders of Roedean (SA).

They grew up in Victorian Times when children were to be seen and not heard. It also was the time when it was not that important for the girls to have an education (sic) but I don’t believe any of the Lawrence sisters believed in this. That’s why I think the oldest sister Founded Roedean, Brighton and that TL and KME sailed by boat to South Africa.

They had to go to Johannesburg to start a school there because in those days, South African girls had to travel all the way to England to get an education and only see their parents once a year if they were luck. I feel very sorry for TL and KME because, when they came in 1902 and founded Roedean in 1903, the people here were very rough and there were on a few houses.



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