Senior School Admission Process

Roedean School ensures that each puil receives the personal attention they require to develop as individuals. We maintain a class size average of 25 pupils which means that often girls are first placed on a waiting list before we proceed with an application process.

Special consideration is given to siblings and daughters of Roedean past pupils (SAORA).

Please note that the main points of entry to Roedean are:

  • Grade 0 for St Margarets and the Junior School
  • Lower V (Grade 8) for the Senior School

Step 1

Download an application form and return the completed application form via email to along with:

  • Proof of payment of the fee (R500) registration fee
  • A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate and passport (non-SA citizens only)
  • Copies of both parents’ ID document or passports (non-SA citizen)
  • A copy of your daughter’s most recent school report, for aplications for the current year of following year.


Complete an Application Form online and submit the following documents:

  • proof of payment registration fee. Please use pupil’s surname and “Reg Fee” as a reference.
  • A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate and passport (non-SA Citizens)
  • Copies of both parents’ ID documents or passports (non-SA citizens only)
  • A copy of your daughter’s most recent school report, for applications for current year or the following year.


Please feel free to visit Roedean to collect an application form.

Step 2

Book a facilities tour with our Marketing Director. Your whole family is welcome to join us on these tours. This may be completed prior to submitting an application form.

Step 3

Your daughter will undergo a 1 hour Mathematics assessment and a 1 hour English assessment for Middle V (Grade 9), Upper V (Grade 10) and Ante Mariv (Grade 11). Lowe V (Grade 8) pupils, will undergo an half hour Mathematics assessment and half hour English assessement. An interview is arranged with the Executive Head or Deputy Headmistress, where you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Step 4

Based on availability, the diagnostic assessment and the interview, your daughter will either be offered a position at Roedean School or is placed on the waiting list.

SA's Pioneers of Cognitive Education

Since 2009, Thinking Skill have been an integral part of the curriculum, preparing pupils for the challenges of higher education and life itself. We strive to prepare our girls to lead ‘life of significance’ in a world of exponential change. Roedean is the only school in SA to be accredited as a Thinking School from Grades 0-12.