Junior School Admissions

The closing date for Grade 0 2021 applications is Friday, 15 November 2019. Any application received after this date will be placed on a waiting list.


Roedean School ensures that each child receives the personal attention they require to develop as individuals. We maintain a class size average of 25 pupils which means that often girls are first placed on a waiting list before we proceed with an application process.

Special consideration is given to siblings and daughters of Roedean past pupils (SAORA)

Please note that the main points of entry to Roedean are:

  • Grade 0 for St Margarets and the Junior School
  • Lower V (Grade 8) for the Senior School


Entry into Roedean School (SA) – Junior School

The majority of girls enter Roedean School (SA) – Junior School into the Grade 0 class in the calendar year that they turn 6. Candidates must have reached their 5th birthday when entering the school into Grade 0.

Occasional vacancies do occur for all other classes at various stages during the year.

There is a priority given to siblings of pupils, past pupils of Roedean School (SA), and daughters of old girls. These candidates will undergo the same assessment procedure and will need to meet the standards set by Roedean School (SA) – Junior School.

Daughters of members of staff at Roedean (SA) will undergo the same selection process as other applicants, and the same assessment criteria, are used as for other candidates.

Grade 0 Admissions

Children are assessed in January/February prior to their year of entry. We assess on average in excess of 150 girls for 48 spaces in Grade 0.The process by which new pupils are selected is unique to Roedean School (SA) – Junior School and it is difficult to prepare a child for it by tutoring or coaching them. We aim to assess children over as wide a range of strengths, skills and aptitudes as possible. We want to build a holistic view of their development and potential.  The assessment incorporates language development, practical reasoning, group participation and play, which combines both fine and gross motor skills.

The assessment may include some standardised testing in language and reasoning and all scores are weighted according to age.  This ensures younger children are not disadvantaged. Formal pencil and paper tasks are kept to an absolute minimum, and reading and writing are not assessed. The assessment acts as a screening process to indicate those with the potential to cope with a busy, fast paced school day.

We acknowledge that all children have an innate curiosity; therefore the range of activities during the assessment will provide many opportunities for the children to participate in different areas of personal interest. We appreciate that children reach different milestones at different times, and for this reason we generally assess the girls alongside those who are similar in age.

Roedean School (SA) – Junior School is flexible in its assessment procedures and all candidates are assessed in a fair manner. Parents are requested to notify the school in writing prior to their daughter’s assessment date if they are aware that their daughter’s home language is not English, or they suspect that their daughter has a disability or learning difficulty. Please attach any educational psychologist’s/ medical report/ therapist’s report that may need special consideration.  This is in order that the school will have the time to put the required provision in place for the assessment. Arrangements are considered on a case by case basis. All information is treated with strictest confidence and we aim to be scrupulously fair.

What Happens on the Day?

Candidates will be invited to come in on a single day during the months of January and February, for a session lasting between 1 and 1½ hours.

When the candidates arrive with their parents, they gather in the St Margaret’s Block where activities are set out for the children.

Thereafter the children are divided into 4 small groups where they will be required to go through a range of tasks that are all age appropriate and fun. This will give the assessors the opportunity to observe the children both individually and within a group.

We are aware that even a few months make a tremendous difference in a child’s development at this age, and we do take into account and make allowances for excitement or anxiety on the day. Every attempt is made to make a child’s assessment experience as much fun as possible.


Final Selection Procedure

Following the assessment all information is collected and a short list of possible candidates is compiled.  The parents of these children will be invited to attend an interview.

Final decisions will be made on all the information collected.  The selection committee is made up of the Roedean School (SA) – Executive Head, Roedean School (SA) – Junior School Head, Deputy Head:  Head of St Margaret’s (Foundation Phase), and the Deputy Heads (Pastoral and Curriculum) of Roedean School (SA) – Junior School. This panel convenes to decide to whom offers will be made. Once the panel has made its decision, offers will be made on an advertised date.

With so few places available, sadly it is inevitable that we have to turn down many extremely able children. Some candidates who have done well enough in the assessment to cope with the rigours of Roedean School (SA) – Junior School will, due to the numbers of applicants, be placed on a priority waiting list. Should a vacancy arise, candidates on the waiting list will be considered and an offer of a place might be made. This waiting list will remain active until December of the year, prior to entry into Grade 1. After that point, any candidates remaining on the waiting list will move to the “occasional” list. In the event of a vacancy arising during any school year, we will invite candidates on the “occasional” list to reassess for the year into which they are seeking entry.

Occasional Vacancies

Occasional vacancies do occur for all other classes at various stages during the year. If you are interested in your daughter attending Roedean (SA) – Junior School, please download a registration form and submit it with payment. Should the possibility of a place in the appropriate class become available, we will invite your daughter for an assessment.

We will write to your daughter’s current Head Teacher for a report.

This policy may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Governors, and changes would not normally apply until the start of the following academic year.

Click Here to Download the Junior School Admissions Policy for 2018

Please make sure that you are applying for the correct grade.  Please note that Roedean’s grades are as follows:


Grade 0 Grade 0
Grade 1 Grade 1
Grade 2 Grade 2
Grade 3 Form I
Grade 4 Form II
Grade 5 Form III
Grade 6 Lower IV
Grade 7 Upper IV
Grade 8 Lower V
Grade 9 Middle V
Grade 10 Upper V
Grade 11 Ante Matric
Grade 12 Matric


Step 1

Download Application form and return via email to pgesha@roedeanschool.co.za along with:

  • proof of payment of the application fee (R 500)
  • copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • copies of the parents’ IDs or passport
  • copy of the child’s latest school report, if applicable


Complete an Application Form online and return the following documents and email to pgesha@roedeanschool.co.za

  • proof of payment of the application fee (R 500)
  • copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • copies of the parents’ IDs or passport
  • copy of the child’s latest school report, if applicable


Please feel free to visit Roedean to collect an application form.

Step 2

Book a facilities tour with our Public Relations Director. Your whole family is welcome to join us on these tours. This may be completed prior to submitting an application form.

Step 3

  1. Entry into Grade 4 to Grade 7
    Should there be a possibility of a placement becoming available, your daughter will then undergo a brief diagnostic assessment. An interview is arranged with the Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress where you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Step 4

Based on availability, the diagnostic assessment and the interview, your daughter is either offered a position at Roedean School or is placed on the waiting list.


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