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Annual Highlights

Annual Events

Tradition/ Reunion

Foundation day: Each year, “Old Girls” come together from across the globe to celebrate the school’s birthday. The day is steeped in tradition, and each woman has a part to play. We sing together and salute Roedean- “the best school of all”. The most significant guests in attendance are the 40 year on Matriculants and they recount the formidable women of yester-year.

Heritage Tea: At Heritage Tea former pupils who are now grandparents have the opportunity to bring their grandchildren to this occasion. Treasure hunts and arts and crafts are organised for the children and often this becomes the girls’ very first induction to Roedean.

Story Telling: The oldest members of the S.A.O.R.A. share their Roedean experience with current pupils. It is fascinating to learn how Roedean has evolved, yet its core ethos has survived for over a century. Stories take back to Bus Rides through the then wild Witwatersrand to the boarders’ dining menu.

Fundraising / Networking

Fundraising / Networking

Networking Business Breakfasts: Each term the S.A.O.R.A. hosts a business breakfast. Invitations to these are extended to “Old Girls” and current parents and is a perfect opportunity to catch-up’ with classmates, discover what route these class mates have taken and to enjoy the entertaining and pertinent guest speakers. The guest speakers are often past pupils that are certainly leading lives of significance.

A Blooming Affair: is just that! Roedean’s magnificent gardens are opened to the public and its historic significance in the development of the school’s culture is shared. A mix of eclectic crafters attend the affair. This is a perfect spring day out.


Matric to University Evening: recent Matriculants return to school to share their university experiences with the girls, helping them make informed decisions about what and where to study. The girls are given the opportunity to ask questions and are offered relief from some anxieties associated with this transition.

Roedean Croquet Morning:
In our endeavour to instil a sense of pride in our girls and to ensure they grow up to become proud of the much loved traditions and everything Roedean stands for and to inculcate a culture that entices them to return to the school in years to come with their daughters, we exposed them to some of our heritage and held our first SAORA Croquet challenge with the Form 1s last term. We invited Old Girls to come and play with the Form 1s and created an interhouse competition. It was a successful and delightful morning with Scott winning the trophy and ended with us singing 3 of the school songs with the Grade 2s joining in. Feedback from the Form 1s and their teachers was very positive so we have agreed that this can become an annual event. Please look out for this event next year, we would love some more Old Girls to come and participate. We have had a lot of interest from some of the Grade 2s, who are waiting in anticipation for their turn next year!