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Mary Williams Boarding House

Boarding House Overview

This state-of–the-art facility is named after the Executive Head of our school, Mrs Mary Williams for this is a lady who has accomplished much for Roedean over many years and her legacy and hard work at the school will thus be justifiably ensconced at the School for many generations to come.

Roedean has, successfully blended modern technology with the original style of Sir Herbert Baker to create an attractive and functional facility.

The design of the boarding facility not only makes use of the very latest eco-architectural systems available in South Africa, but for the very first time in our country, advanced-energy insulation material has been incorporated in the building. And, whilst energy conservation and water management have played important roles in the construction of the facility, the unique and contemporary design of the House has brought a special quality of both innovation and stability to our school as a whole.

This secure and comfortable House can accommodate 80 senior girls in comfortable and spacious single and double rooms, creating both an intimate and people-friendly communal living environment.

The actual positioning of the Mary Williams House was carefully considered before the foundations were laid. As a result, it has two sunny courtyards as well as brand new sporting facilities to ensure that our boarders can enjoy an active lifestyle under matron supervision.

The House also features two large, spacious, open-plan areas which will serve as Common Rooms, as well as flexible and exciting new learning areas for both the Upper Junior School and St Margaret’s girls during the academic school morning.

The additional access point to the school, coupled with the new basement parking bays, have already alleviated the traffic back-up in most areas of the school, thus creating an improved energy and flow in both the Senior and Junior School parking areas.

Living away from home can often be a daunting prospect for young students, but I do believe the Mary Williams House has been built and furnished in such a way that each and every girl will be cared for in a warm, comfortable and happy environment.

Roedean recognises and delights in the fact that “girls are girls” who need their privacy but also like to have fun, are conscientious about their studies and sometimes just need the companionship of their fellow learners whilst living away from their loved ones. I am happy to say that all these concepts have been carefully taken into consideration and incorporated into the House.