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Bus Service

St John’s College and Roedean again hope to offer a joint bus service from five different areas around Johannesburg in an effort to assist parents with timely and expensive commuting to school. Regrettably, the profusion of bus service in the afternoons is too complex and costly to be feasible.

The five routes are:

  • North – Kyalami Estate, Paulshof, Galio Manor, Rivonia, Morningside, Sandown, Inanda, Atholl
  • Parks – Craighall Park, Parktown North, Parkhust, Greenside, Parkview, Parkwood, Saxonworld, Forest Town
  • Waverley – St John’s to St Mary’s, Oaklands, Waverley, Lower Houghton (Parents may use this service to transport their daughters to St Mary’s)
  • East – Bedfortview, Eastgate, Bruma, Cyrildene, Observatory
  • South – Meyersdal, Glenvista, Bassonia, Oakdene, Linmeyer, The Hill

Note: The North, South and East Routes have not been running in 2012 because there were not sufficient numbers to support these two routes. We are looking to reintroduce them in 2013, so please apply if you are interested.

All five of the above routes and the stops that were listed, are described in more detail on our website at, along with maps of the routes. Parents who stop reasonably nearby that they could make use of. (For example, parents in Edenvale may find it relatively easy to get their children to Bedfordview, buses may run either ahead of, or behind the estimated schedule. Parents should ensure that they are at the relevant stop in good time. All stops have been selected to ensure that there is a suitable place for parents to park and wait in their cars until such time as the bus arrives.

Wherever possible, buses will terminate at Roedean, St John’s Pre-preparotory School and St John’s Tuckshop. In some instances, depending on time and traffic, Roedean pupils may have to be dropped at St John’s Pre-preparatory School and they will need to walk over the bridge to Roedean.

The buses to be used will be the St John’s buses(driven by experienced drivers, all whom may have worked for St John’s for over three years and have impeccable safety records) or hired-in buses from reputable companies whose safety and reliability has been well-checked before their services have been engaged.

The cost of the service is R1,971 per term for each of the routes, with the exception of the Waverley route, which will cost R985 per term. (We reserve the right to change the cost of the service on a termly basis, depending on escalations in the diesel price) We also reserve the right to change or terminate any of these services should there be insufficient take-up of the service to make it feasible to run.(These services are being run on a break-even basis, and neither school is making a surplus from the services.)

Should you wish to make use of the service please complete the attached document / form and return it to Megan Carter(contact details on the form). A separate form must be completed for each child that will use the bus service. Please ensure you indicate which route AND the stop-number on that route you wish to use.(The stop-number is important for the drivers, as certain stops may be discontinued if there are no pupils needing collection.) Once your form has been returned, a bus ticket will be issued to your child and this must be shown to the driver when boarding the bus each morning. The relevant cost will be debited to your school fee account(except for the St Mary’s run service; you will need to pay the organizers directly). One half-term’s notice must be given to Megan Carter in the event the pupil is discontinuing use of the service.

Finally, the five routes will be operated as described in the accompanying documentation. Should you have suggestions about route changes, additional stops or anything else that may help us in improving the service, please send them to We will evaluate the services continually and incorporate any suggestions and ideas that we believe will benefit parents during 2013.