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Individual Sports Available


The Senior School participates in galas on Thursday afternoons. We have a new swimming pool that has been upgraded and is suitable for water polo, diving and swimming. The Senior School has one team. The team consists of 40 swimmers. The highlight of the season is the annual Interhigh Gala. The Interhigh is made up of two galas the Premier and A Gala. Roedean participated in the Premier League in 2010. To encourage and develop team spirit, Roedean also enters 20 swimmers in the Midmar Mile on an annual basis.

The Junior school swims in the first and third terms. The swimming squad consists of approximately 60 swimmers. Galas are held on Friday afternoons and we swim in the A25m league. Another highlight is the fun Auckland Park Gala for U7, U8 and U9 swimmers. The A team also swims in the Interschools gala. Both these galas take place in November each year. Currently we have provincial representation in this discipline.


Roedean’s squash is of a high standard and our best six players participate in the Top Schools Tournament winning this competition on a number of occasions. The First squash team also participates in the Independent Schools’ Festival which is held annually.

We have 9 teams from U14 – U18 that participate in the Central Gauteng Schools’ league and Roedean have been league winners in a number of different age groups over the years. Each team consists of four players which are selected from Grade 8 (Lower V) to Matric. Matches are played on Friday afternoons.

During the second term the Junior School play in the junior league. Roedean enter an A and B team and each team consists of 5 players. Girls from Grade 4 to Grade 7 are eligible for team selection. Matches take place on Tuesday afternoons.

Roedean can boast a number of provincial players in both the senior and junior teams. Currently we have national representation in this discipline.

Water Polo

The Senior School currently consists of four teams that participate in the League. Each team consists of 13 players which are selected in their age groups, from Grade 8 (Lower V) to Matric. The First Water Polo team participates in the various tournaments which are held annually: Reef Cup, St Stithian’s 1st team tournament, St Mary’s Aquatic Festival and the Annual Old Petrian’s 1st Team National Tournament in which twenty Schools from South Africa participate in this event.

At Junior School level, Water Polo is played by the Grade 6 (LIV) and Grade 7 (UIV) age groups. They compete against primary school teams, boys’ and girls’. We are looking forward to our new swimming pool facilities to host some water polo festivals and tournaments at a Junior School level.

Roedean Water Polo players were privileged to go on an overseas tour in 2009. We went to Croatia and are planning a similar tour in 2011.

Roedean have a number of players who have represented the Gauteng Provincial Water Polo Teams in every age group at the Interprovincial Schools Tournaments which are held at the end of each year.


The Senior School consists of four teams that participate in the A League during the first term. Each team consists of six players which are selected from Grade 8 (Lower V) to Matric. The first tennis team also participates in the Independent Tennis Festival which is held annually. Our best four players participate in the Interhigh. Twenty four schools in Johannesburg participate in this event. During the third term the junior tennis players play in the junior A League. Twelve players (two teams) are selected to participate from Grade 8 (Lower V) – Grade 10 (Upper V). The best four junior players from Roedean (Grade 8 (Lower V) and Grade 9 (Middle V)) also participate in the Junior Interhigh (Approximately eighteen schools participate from the Johannesburg area).

Roedean’s first tennis team also participates in the Hilton/St. Anne’s Invitation Doubles Competition. Girls doubles and mixed doubles is played at this competition held at Hilton College and St. Anne’s in Hilton (Kwazulu Natal). Currently we have national representation in this discipline.

The junior school participates in the private schools tennis league during the first and third term. There are four tennis teams which consists of six players per team. Tennis is also taught in the Physical Education programme from Grade 0 – Grade 7(UIV) level.


It is a year-round activity; the first and third terms are the competitive terms when the girls participate in competitions and train in the pool and during winter there is dryland training in the gym on the trampoline and on the dryland board.

The Senior School dive competitions in the first term culminating in the Interhigh Diving event, linked to the Interhigh Swimming event, in mid-March. During the weekly competitions, teams consist of as many divers as a host school can support, divided per age group. The age groups are Under 15, Under 16 and Open. The Interhigh Team is restricted to two divers per age group selected from Grade 8 (Lower V) to Matric. The divers also participate in the Aquatics Festival which is held annually at different schools round the country and the St. Mary’s Aquatics Festival which takes place at the end of January, annually. Currently we have provincial representation in this discipline.

During the first term the Junior School divers train to prepare for the third term and work on their diving display, which is also an annual event in the Roedean Junior School. In the third term, the junior divers participate in weekly competitions, run on a similar basis to the senior school. The age groups are Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12 and Under 13. Again, many may participate during the weekly competitions, but schools are restricted to two divers per age group at the Interschools event held in mid-November. At junior level there is an A team and a B team in the Interschools event and Roedean has the depth to fill all five age groups for both events.

The diving facilities and the pool have been recently upgraded and the school now boasts a 5m deep diving well with a ½m board, 1m board and 3m board. The pool is heated by solar power, which allows the girls to begin training in early September and continue into late April. For dryland training, the divers enjoy two trampolines – one in the gym and one outside with a 1m board over mats, so that training continues in winter.


The Senior School enters 7 teams that participate in the A League. We have teams from U14 to U18. Matches are played on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings on the Roedean Astroturf. The First Hockey team participates in the St Mary’s Hockey Festival, Pullen Hockey Trophy and the Independent Schools Festival.
The U16A team also participates in the Howell trophy, this is a tournament held in Gauteng to determine the top U16 team.

The Junior school also plays hockey in the second term. Roedean enters 8 junior teams in the league. The teams start from Grade 4 to Grade 7. Currently we have 2 teams per age group. Hockey is taught in the morning physical education lessons as part of the curriculum. Roedean hosts a Grade 2 and 3 festival which is played on a Saturday morning in the second half of the second term. The Grade 4 and 5’s participate in the St Mary’s Grade 4 and 5 festival as do the Grade 6B and Grade 7B play in the St Mary’s Grade 6B and 7B festival. The highlight for the Grade 6A and 7A teams is the weekend away at Riverside Sun. The Riverside festival is played at the Vanderbijl Park Technikon’s hockey fields and most of the Private Girls’ schools participate in this weekend. Currently we have district representation in this discipline.

Marian Marescia (ex South African Girls U18 coach) heads up the Roedean Hockey Academy. The aim of the academy is to allow the Roedean girls from Grade 4 to Matric an opportunity to improve their individual skills and receive expert coaching from current national hockey players in the off-season. The academy takes place in the first and third terms.


The Senior School competes in the premier league of the District 13 (private schools) league. The league runs 48 teams currently. Matches are played on a weekly basis, alternating between Wednesdays and Saturdays. The teams consist of girls from Grade 8 (Lower V) to Matric and there are ten teams for which girls can be selected. Each age group has A and B teams, with C and D teams also running in the younger age groups. The First Team play in the St. Peter’s Tournament in September and the St. Andrew’s Festival in April. All the B, C and D teams participate in a tournament for them in May.

The Junior School also compete in the private school league, but with 20 teams; each age group has A – D teams. The first age group is Under 9 and these players play Mini Netball, which allows all the girls to play all the different positions – preparing them the following year when they are selected for specific positions. Matches are played on Thursdays. The teams participate in the Jan Cilliers and Holy Rosary Festivals held during May.

Action netball is also played as an extra activity to keep “netball fit” throughout the remainder of the year.


Rock-Climbing at Roedean has increased its popularity as a sport this year, with many new members eager to make the team. Our climbing facilities have made it possible for us to challenge ourselves and one another on both our colourful wall and inside the “cave”, as the grips are versatile and interchangeable. Training sessions take place twice a week to accommodate both junior and senior climbers. We are also fortunate enough to be taken on exciting outdoor excursions on which we can test our skills on real rock and learn techniques that guarantee our competence and safety.

Our camping trip at Waterval Boven in January was a great kick-start to what has been an eventful and memorable year. We participated in competitions such as the Rory Lowther Memorial Challenge in Swinburne and the National Bouldering League and we were able to get inspiration from some of South Africa’s most experienced climbers. These helped us prepare for the gruelling Gauteng Team try-outs on which our training certainly paid off as we ascended routes designed to challenge even climbers who compete for South Africa internationally!

Equestrian Team

For the 2012 season of the Sanef Schools’ Equestrian League, Roedean fielded a small, but highly effective team, made up of eight riders, competing in disciplines that included jumping, equitation, dressage, and showing.

The equestrian year commenced with a well-attended cocktail party at the Prices’ on the evening of 10 February, 2012. Parents and riders from both the junior and senior schools gathered to meet one another, build a sense of team spirit, and share equestrian stories. This was a great deal of fun and I hope that it will become a tradition in the years to come.

All of the four qualifying rounds were held at Kyalami Equestrian Park (KEP), which proved to be a fantastic new venue for the league after many happy years at Eaton Farm. The benefits of KEP include the quality and condition of its jumping arenas, the number of arenas for showing, dressage and equitation, and the venue’s capacity to accommodate comfortably large numbers of competitors and spectators on qualifying weekends.

The four qualifiers were not without setbacks, however. Rain, cancellations, and dates that coincided with the Roedean Matric dance added to some of the difficulties our riders experienced in competing in each qualifier.

Although equestrian sports play rather a very small part in the sporting life of the school, participating riders can progress only with enormous dedication and commitment to their sport: they often travel long distances and spend weekends and holidays training with their horses. Skill, courage, commitment and sacrifice were some of the qualities we celebrated with the Roedean equestrian team at our team supper, held before the final qualifier on Friday, 15 June.

This year, team spirit has been high, and Roedean competed with great success for a school of its size. Six of our riders received their Gauteng Central Equestrian Regional Colours, which were awarded at a ceremony held at Beaulieu College on 2 August, 2012. The riders below will all compete at the Gauteng Regional Finals for a spot at Nationals, on the weekend of 10 to 12 August, 2012.

Level 1
Jemma Falkov on Lion’s River: Dressage Prelim

Level 2
Rebecca Henning on Games of State: Working Riding

Level 3
Emma Veysie on Lord Beaufort: Equitation 90cm
Helena Hegele on Sebastian Island: Working Hunter 90cm

Level 4
Emma Veysie on Lord Beaufort: Show jumping: 2-phase 90cm
Lene Lubbe on Brandenberg Samurai: Performance Riding

Level 7
Savannah Price on Royal Asset: Show jumping: 2-Phase 1.3m

For a school like Roedean with a small equestrian presence, the year’s achievements can be a source of justifiable pride. I am so proud to be a part of such a dedicated, spirited, and enthusiastic team! Equestrian has grown as a sport at Roedean, and I hope it will continue to grow.