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Old Mutual Waterpolo Prestige Cup


Roedean School and Old Mutual have entered into a most exciting partnership and collaboration which will focus on developing the skills of both swimming and water polo for girls. Ten schools have been invited to participate in the water polo tournaments.

The participating schools have generously made a commitment to use their facilities and resources to assist a school in their geographic vicinity which is under-resourced and consequently does not have the capacity currently to develop the required skills in their pupils who show promise.

The winning team will be awarded a cash prize of R30,000.00, courtesy of Old Mutual. This amount will go into a specific school development project related to swimming and/or water polo in their partner school.

Waterpolo Booklet 2016

To Download the Waterpolo Booklet for 2016 please click on the link bellow:

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Old Mutual Roedean Sponsorship

Old Mutual is committed to social development and investing in South African talent. To this end the Old Mutual Sponsorship team plays an active role in an array of fields and our sponsorships contribute to building on the rich cultural tapestry of our nation. This is achieved by promoting unity through sporting events, celebrating diversity and stimulating growth and education.

Sport plays an integral role in developing this country’s youth and Old Mutual is always looking for projects such as this that help the youth, and in this specific instance, young girls realise their goals. There are few nations that are as aware of the unifying nature of a sporting event as South Africa.

By sponsoring the Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup we wish to promote the development of young girls through sport; giving them an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem and develop a positive body image by recognising themselves as competent, strong and healthy.

We are extremely proud to be a part of the Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup, and hope it continues to do great things by enabling young girls to realise their incredible sporting talents.


The ten schools that will be participating in the tournaments from September 2014-February 2015 are:

Pool A

Kingsmead College

St. Stithians Girls College

St. Dominic’s School

St. Mary’s School Waverly

Crawford College Lonehill

Pool B

Pretoria HS for Girls

Randpark Ridge

Roedean School (SA)

St. Dunstan’s College

St. Peter’s College


Tournament Rules

  • TOURNAMENT RULES Apply and Decisions by the League Director will be FINAL.
  • Red Cards issued to Coaches, Officials and Players will receive a MINIMUM of 1 Match Suspension. This will be the next game of the Tournament after the incident.
  • Acts of Brutality and Violence will be Severely Dealt with.
    All Visitors are to note that Right of Admission onto the School Campus is reserved.
  • No 2014 Matrics are allowed in the League as they will not be playing the Second Round and the Finals.
  • All Games to start on time, unless otherwise determined by the League Director Teams wearing WHITE Caps will start on the LEFT side of the Official table.
  • All teams must be ready to play their games at the stipulated times or else the game and points shall be forfeited by the offending team. Coaches/Managers are please to ensure that their teams are ready on time for all their matches.
  • In the event of a team not arriving, the program will continue as normal. There will be NO reshuffling of the program.
  • The Match Referee’s decision is FINAL
  • Games may be Shortened or Re-Scheduled if rain or lightning delays play. Teams will be notified of any such changes.
  • Only 13 players may play in a specific game. If more than 13 players are used in a particular game, the offending team will forfeit the game.
  • Please kindly remember that this is a school Tournament. No foul language from players, coaches, parents or spectators will be tolerated. Not even directed at your own players No parents are allowed to make a complaint to the Tournament Director or a Match Referee. Official complaints will only be considered from a team manager or coach
  • All Tournament Games will be 4 QUARTERS of 7 minute (4×7) “Stop-Start”. There 1 Time-Outs allowed during Round-Robin Group Stage.
  • All “Semi-Final” and “Final Position(1st and 2nd position)” Games will be allowed 1 Time-Out in each period of the game.
  • Points will be allocated in the Round-Robin Group Stage as Follows:
    • 2 points for a win
    • 1 point for a draw
    • NO points for a loss
  • Final Round-Robin Group Positions will be Determined as Following:
    1. Most Points
    2. Head-to-Head Results
    3. Net goal Difference
    4. Goal For
    5. Goal Against
    6. Toss of a Coin
    7. Three-Way Ties will be determined in Isolation in term of FINA Rules
  • All FINAL POSITION Games will have NO extra time played in the case of a DRAW.
  • All FINAL POSITION Games will however be determined by a Penalty Shoot-out if a DRAW after full-time, 5 players per Team followed by “Sudden-Death”.
  • All Games will have a 2 minute break between Quarters, 3 minute break at Half-Time and 1 minute per Time-Out where applicable Medal will only be awarded to the:
    • Tournament Winners – Gold
    • Tournament Runners-Up – Silver
    • Tournament Third-Place – Bronze
  • The Tournament Team will be announced at the end of the Final Game of the Tournament.


Final Positioning:

1 St Stithians
2 St Mary’s
3 Roedean
4 Crawford
5 St Dominic’s
6 St Peter’s
7 Pretoria
8 Kingsmead
9 Rand Park
10 St Dunstan’s

The Tournament Team:

1 Daniela Passoni St Mary’s
2 Courtney O’Shaughnessy St Mary’s
3 Brittany Mackenzie St Mary’s
4 Leila Fernandes St Stithians
5 Kate Hinrichs St Stithians
6 Amy Joubert St Stithians
7 Bianca Prinsloo St Stithians
8 Una – Kelly Donnelly St Stithians
9 Megan Swanepoel Crawford
10 Megan Hughes Crawford
11 Tegan Baker Crawford
12 Georgina Hammon St Dominic’s
13 Nthatisi Mota Roedean
14 Ana Trninic Roedean


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Corporate Social Investment


The Old Mutual Roedean School Prestige Cup is a partnership between Old Mutual and Roedean in a community-development project in which ten top Gauteng water-polo schools play out for the honour of winning the Prestige Cup. The aim of the competition as a whole is not so much sporting success, as community service.

Sponsored by Old Mutual, the water-polo tournament requires all competing schools to have a CSI Learn-to-Swim component. Each school has partnered with an under-resourced school and has implemented a programme which teaches swimming and/or water polo at its partnership school. On the 18 March, 2016, it was the learn-to-swim gala which is an annual gala where all of the partnership schools are invited to participate.

This year, Roedean School (SA) hosted the gala at our partnership school, Houghton Primary. It was a fabulous morning where the participating pupils swam their hearts out, spurred on by the Houghton Primary scholars who cheered for all of the swimmers.

2016 / 2017 SWIM-A-THON

On the day of the finals,  Roedean School (SA) hosted a Swim-a-Thon where, at midday, five of the partnership schools brought children from their learn-to-swim programme. The children swam in a relay format for a set time period. Whilst the schools and the crowds cheered, these young swimmers swam their hearts out, loving being able to show case their swimming skills and the medals and certificates that they received.

Old Mutual further sponsored all schools who participated in the swim-a-thon. The participating schools were Roedean School, St Mary’s, St Dominic’s, St Stithians and St Peters. The swim-a-thon is open to all partnership schools and is a wonderful event for the young swimmers.


Learn how the teams represented at the 2012/2013 Roedean School Old Mutual Water Polo Prestige Cup are helping deserving communities.

I wanted to share just a few of the pictures taken yesterday, at Houghton Primary’s gala, it is the first Gala they have had in their pool in over 9 years thanks to the Old Mutual Roedean School Prestige cup – Learn to swim initiative.

This event is tribute to the work that has been done over the past two and half years whereby providing children a crucial life skill – how to swim! Drowning’s are listed as one of the top causes of unnatural death amongst children in South Africa. At the same time, these unfortunate events are very preventable and together with Old Mutual Roedean School is doing its bit to help prevent possible future drowning amongst the children at Houghton primary.

In 2011 Ann Jones (Roedean Old Girl) did the initial learn to swim assessment with the children of Houghton Primary, there were a total of 9 children that could swim across the pool without assistance. Nine out of an estimated 500, this was less than 10% of the school. On 25 November, 2013 at Houghton Primary School, I bared witness to some amazing progress that I am proud to share with you: Just over 400 children between the ages of 6 and 13 years got into the swimming pool to take part in what was the first gala in over 9 years at Houghton.

The purpose of the gala was to have fun and to show the progress and overall achievement by all that had a part to play in this momentous occasion, the excitement of the day and smiles on the little ones faces after completing a width or length in the pool was so rewarding.

The Juniors – Grade 0 to Grade 4 – swam the width of the pool with kick boards, and some swam without, the Seniors – Grades 5 to 7 – swam a full length of the 25 meter pool and the last few races saw four Senior pupils swim 50 meter and 100 meters. It was a proud day for Houghton Primary and Roedean School.

A very big Thank you to all involved and a very special Thank you to Old Mutual for making it all possible.