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Roedean Academy

Changing Lives through Education

The Roedean Academy is an initiative spearheaded by Roedean School (SA) that aims to provide additional tuition for Scholars from under-resourced schools.

We have established a world class training environment which is sustainable and which is having a significant influence on South Africa’s English, Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting education for girls from under resourced communities. We have partnered with the neighbouring Barnato Park High School and Masibambane College in Orange Farm and we provide tuition in Mathematics, English, Physical Science and Accounting to Grade 10- Grade 12 girls and tuition in Mathematics and English to Grade 8 and 9 girls. In total we have 100 girls at the Academy.

During the School year, girls attend the program on various afternoons per week. Keeping the class size to a maximum of 20, the girls are tutored in Mathematics, Physical Science and English by dedicated Roedean staff, using Roedean’s facilities. Time is also set aside to use the computer room for research and to complete school assignments.

Launched in 2009, this is a life changing programme and the success of the academy has been encouraging. Three of our past students have been awarded full bursaries for tertiary education. Other girls have gone on to study Education with the view to becoming teachers. These girls have been able to use the platform of the Academy to launch the start of successful careers.

We also reflect with pride the measured improvement that we see in English, Mathematics, and Physical Science marks, as we track our girls’ progress over the years. The Academy changes lives; each pupil receives individual care and attention, and the resulting development is difficult to measure adequately, but very inspiring to witness.

The Roedean Academy is sponsored by donations from companies wishing to invest in the future of education. We extend particular thanks to Bidvest Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, The Fraay Institute and Anglo American Chairman’s Fund, DRA and Mills & Otten Environmental Consultants for their very generous sponsorship and to Netsurit, McCormick Marketing and James Ralph (Pty) Ltd for their generous donations. Without our sponsors support, this would not be possible.

What we provide at the Academy

  • • We provide additional tuition in English, Mathematics, Accounting and Physical Science.
  • • Enrichment afternoons are arranged once per term
  • • Our Grade 11 pupils participate in psychometric testing to assist with career choices
  • • Our Grade 11 pupils attend a careers evening
  • • Our Grade 12 pupils attend a 5 day study camp
  • • Use of computer tablets are provided for the girls
  • • Use of the Roedean School (SA) library
  • • Assistance with University and Bursary applications
  • • Transport is provided for the girls
  • • All girls are given a hot lunch
  • • An all weather jacket is provided for all pupils from Grade 10 upwards
  • • Stationery is provided
  • • Study Guides are provided
  • • Access to IT including internet and library
  • • Access to resources used in teaching English, Mathematics, Accounting and Physical Science
  • • All girls attend a training session in HIVAIDS
  • • All Grade 8 and 9 girls will partake in a careers programme that will be based on assisting with subject choices.
  • • Prize giving and a certificate of participation at the end of the year

In 2013, we extended the programme in Mathematics to Grade 8 and Grade 9 Barnato Park High School girls. They have now been attending Mathematics lessons twice each week. These girls are making progress using the MyMaths online programme as well as with extra lessons given by Roedean teachers. In 2015, we have extended the Grade 8 and 9 programme to include English as well as Mathematics


Comments from the Academy pupils

“Thank you for believing in us and in our dreams. This is a life time opportunity and I am so happy to be part of this.”

“I feel privileged to be part of a programme that has enhanced and shaped my life in all sorts of ways”

“Thank you for the opportunity to experience a high class education. It has given me the chance to improve in most of my subjects and especially in Science”

“I sincerely thank you for the love and care in building a firm foundation for my future. The Academy has opened my eyes to view the world positively”


The Roedean Academy Prize Giving:
The Roedean Academy is a social initiative programme which sees 100 girls from under-resourced schools coming to Roedean on various afternoons every week. The Roedean teachers then give them extra lessons in Mathematics, Physical Science, English, and Accounting. The Roedean Academy Prize Giving took place on 17 October, 2015, in Founders Hall at Roedean School. It was a wonderful occasion, filled with much celebration, as the girls delighted in their own achievements, as well as the achievements of their friends.

The Academy Director, Ms Sandi McCallum, spoke about the Academy and outlined its achievements during the course of 2015. She congratulated the prize winners and encouraged all present to continue to strive for excellence. Pinkie Ndaba, Matric 2014, spoke about her learnership and how it has changed her life. Following the speeches, the Headmistress of Roedean Junior School, Ms Gill Boltman, handed out the certificates and book prizes to the delighted recipients.

“Thank you” speeches by the girls followed the prizes. This was a highlight for all of the guests as the girls spoke so beautifully and sincerely, thanking their various teachers. All were impressed by the confidence of the speakers, and by the passion and eloquence of their tributes to the dedication of their teachers.

After the speeches, Mrs Brett Jury from Bidvest Bank announced the top Roedean Academy Grade 12 student for 2015. This bursary includes study and accommodation fees, and it is certainly a life-changing opportunity for the lucky recipient of this remarkable award.

Following the Prize Giving, the Academy Girls, teachers, parents, and guests were treated to a sumptuous tea in the beautiful Roedean Gardens. It was a very special day and all present left with a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

Eye screening and Testing:
In June, all our girls had their eyes screened and 28 girls needed further, more comprehensive testing. In October, during the girl’s school holidays, we collected the girls from Barnato Park over two days and we took them to EyeTech for full testing. All 28 girls required glasses and are thrilled and quite overcome by the difference that it has made. There was a great deal of excitement and fun when the girls chose their frames.

A Blooming Affair:
Every year, SAORA (Roedean Old Girls) host a beautiful day called A Blooming Affair. It is a craft market where the magnificent Roedean gardens are open to the public to come and peruse and enjoy them. This is a fund raising initiative and this year, The Roedean Academy was one of the grateful recipients of the fund raising. We had an information table available for any interested parties and the Grade 11’s helped to decorate our table and they came to A Blooming Affair to help man the table as well as to help at the book stand. The girls had a wonderful time; they loved looking at the various stalls, explaining about the Academy to interested on-lookers and they especially enjoyed working at the bookstall with the Roedean girls. Roger Bourquin, their maths teacher was in charge of the books this year and they so enjoyed helping him as well as helping customers choose books and doing the point of sales.

Careers for Grade 8 and 9:
We have noticed that in our Grade 8 and 9 years, there is so little exposure to the different careers and the girls just do not know about the many varied careers that are available. In order to expose our Academy girls to more careers, we put together a fun careers afternoon for them.

On the 8 June, 2015, 41 excited Grade 8 and 9 pupils met at Founders Hall. 15 stands were manned by various professionals. The girls were all given a quiz sheet and they had to go to every career table and learn a little about the career, what subjects you need to do it and where you can study it. They completed their quiz as they went along and earned little treats along the way.

It was a great success and the girls have come away excited and inspired by the diversity of the careers out there. Nail polish at the Beautician’s table and Cupcakes at the hospitality table were greatly enjoyed but the scratch patch at the Geology table was the highlight of the day.

Take a girl child to work:
On the 28 May, 7 Grade 12 pupils were invited to Hollard Insurance to partake in “Take a girl child to work” day. The girls were collected from their School at 7:30 and taken to Hollard. The day started with a delicious breakfast followed by an excellent talk on the First Year of Working.

The Head of HR at Hollard then took the girls through all the different careers at Hollard. After that the girls did an amazing race through the offices at Hollard as they spoke to different Hollardites about their careers. This was followed by a lunch on the veranda. The girls then had a talk on empowering themselves. This was an extremely inspirational talk and the girls were riveted. Following that, the girls had one on one session with different Managers from Hollard to discuss many different things. It was 3:30 by then and the day had just flown past.

Hollard then did a summary of the day and presented the girls with beautiful Hollard bags and other gifts. It was an amazing day and the girls were motivated, inspired, made new friends and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The Gautrain Excursion:
Sydney Harris said “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. Our Grade 11 excursion on the Gautrain did just that. On the 27 March, 2015, Indrasen Naidoo from Regiments Capital took 11 Grade 11 Barnato Park High School girls on a trip on the Gautrain.

The girls, accompanied by Sandi McCallum met Mr Naidoo and two interns from Regiments Capital at their premises. Here they were treated to a sumptuous breakfast. After the meal, each girl was given a gift pack. It consisted of a stationery pack and a personalized message as well as a brief history of the Gautrain project and the relevant bus and train schedules. This was followed by a discussion around the Gautrain bus service schedule.

Following the breakfast, they boarded the Gautrain bus and 11 excited pupils arrived at the Gautrain. They were amazed to see that this was underground. On arrival at the airport, they had a tour of the airport and were treated to a snack. This was the first time that they had been to the airport and they loved the experience. They then caught the Gautrain back home again. The parting message from Regiments Capital was a simple request that one day when the opportunity to use their Gautrain ticket arises, each person must reflect on this day and pledge that they will give back to their community in a way that will make a difference.

The Roedean Academy Prize Giving:
The Roedean Academy Prize Giving took place on 25 October, 2014 in Founders Hall at Roedean School. It was a wonderful occasion filled with much celebration as the girls delighted in their own achievements as well as the achievements of their friends.

The Prize Giving was opened in prayer by Precious Ngwenya from Barnato Park High School. Ms Sandi McCallum, Roedean Academy Director then spoke about the Academy and its aims and successes during 2014. A highlight of the prize giving was certainly the different girls from Barnato Park High School and Masimbambane College who thanked the Sponsors as well as the individual Roedean Academy teachers for their support, input and care during 2014. As members of the audience, we heard about the mathematical three “F’s”; Fractions, Functions and Formulae, about the inspiration that our student teacher has been to the Academy girls, about the love the girls have for all the teaching staff. We were impressed by the confidence of each of the speakers as they spoke eloquently, from the heart, and with great passion.

Following the speeches, Mrs Brett Jury from Bidvest Bank handed out the certificates and the book prizes to the delighted recipients. At the end of the event, Chiedza Mudima was announced as the top Roedean Academy Grade 12 student for 2014 and she was awarded the Bidvest Bank Bursary to study for a four year degree. This bursary includes study and accommodation fees and it is certainly a life changing opportunity for Chiedza who, together with her family, was delighted to be the recipient of this amazing award.

Following the Prize Giving, the Academy Girls, teachers, parents and invited guests were treated to a sumptuous tea in the beautiful Roedean Gardens. It was a very special day and in the words of one of our sponsors “There is no other place where I would rather be today, than celebrating in this prize giving”. I think that we all felt the same way and we left feeling inspired and rewarded by the work that the Roedean Academy is doing for these young pupils.

Lunch at Mike’s Kitchen:
The Matric girls from Masibambane College and Barnato Park High School were treated to lunch at Mike’s kitchen. They arrived at Roedean, all dressed up and very excited. They were each told that they had an allocated amount that they were allowed to spend and they had to budget their meal accordingly. What followed was a lunch to remember – filled with much chatting, fun and laughter with all the girls thoroughly enjoying their meal.

Goody bags for the Matric Girls:
With final exam preparations underway, all the Matric Girls were given a stationery study goody bag to assist them with studying and writing their final exams. They were thrilled that they could enter exams with brand new stationery.

Calculator Training:
James Ralph (Pty) Ltd kindly donated 40 new Scientific Casio calculators for the Grade 10 and 11 Academy pupils. In addition to the calculator, Astrid Scheiber from James Ralph (Pty) Ltd came and gave the girls a training session on how to use their new calculators. The girls came away from the training session excited and inspired.

Ways to Help

How can you help?

Bursaries and Learnerships
Most of our Academy girls cannot afford tertiary education. We require companies to assist in placing some of our learners in internship and learnership programmes or to sponsor some of our girls to study further in tertiary institutions.

The Roedean Academy is sustained by sponsorship from companies and individuals who wish to invest in the future and in changing young lives. You or your company can either give a once off donation or for as little as R100-00 per month, you can contribute towards sponsoring the education of a learner at the Roedean Academy.

If you or your company wish to be involved in any form of sponsorship, or if you wish to attend a presentation and learn more about the Academy, please can you contact Kate Lowings on or (011) 647 3200.

We are able to supply a letter from independent auditors stating that the beneficiaries of the Roedean Academy are 100% black females

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