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Roedean Online

As more and more Universities and schools make content available online, and the world-wide trend towards hybrid and online eLearning snowballs, we at Roedean need to re-evaluate our capacity on a constant basis. Roedean Online has continued to grow with more classes coming online, making access to learning support material, podcasts and assignments open 24 hours a day, from on campus and off. Our Moodle server has been upgraded to the latest version, carrying a great deal more functionality. Using girls can access information about the work they are doing in class or view videos of course material, and even submit their work online from home.

Teachers have the infrastructure available to allow them to experiment with the very latest technologies and methodologies. Should classrooms be flipped? Can Social Media be used effectively in the classroom? Should cell phones be allowed in class? These are all issues teachers are grappling with globally. We don’t have all the answers, but we have ensured that the capacity exists to allow Roedean to remain at the fore-front of educational trends.

The Khan Academy videos are now available off our Intranet, giving girls access to this very valuable Mathematics and Science resource, and other materials from the Siyavula Project will soon be added. Together with the materials posted on our own Moodle, girls can revise almost every aspect of their syllabus in their own time and at their own pace.
Our girls have access to a wide range of digital authoring and research options. They are able to bring their own devices, or use the computers, Netbooks and iPads available at school. There is no doubt that, as far as digital access is concerned, Roedean is a thoroughly 21st Century School with its roots grounded in traditional and timeless values.