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South African Old Roedeanian Association

SAORA Overview

South Africa Old Roedeanian Association

“As long as we live we shall watch the careers of you all, from the greatest to the smallest, with undying interest; your success will be our pride and joy, and your failures our sorrow.” Farewell letter from the founders.

The South African Old Roedeanian Association (SAORA) was formed in 1907 and plays a vital role in maintaining the strong relationship of the widespread alumni. Working closely with the school, the association ensures that the uniquely rich traditions of Roedean are preserved.

Flourishing with many successful career women, the association welcomes girls to a useful women-to-women network. As each Roedean girl matriculates, she takes with her the responsibility to share her success, knowledge and determination with the school for future decades.

Women young and old living lives of significance.