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Roedean School (SA):
Academic Opening Scholarship

  1. Scholarships will be awarded based on the results of a competitive examination, open to girls presently in Grade 7. These are The Anne Cleaver, The Ella la Maitre, The Joan Raikes, and The Hoogenhout Scholarships. Details, and the criteria relating to each scholarship, are attached. The awards are subject to excellent reports on work and conduct.
  2. Awards will not be made unless the standard of work in the examination is considered high enough to justify them.
  3. The standard of papers set will be that expected of outstanding scholars in Grade 7.
  4. The examination will consist of:
    • A paper in English incorporating comprehension, creative writing, general knowledge, general skills, and interpretation of facts and data.
    • A paper in Mathematics.

      NB:There is no set syllabus used for any of the above – the student’s general level of ability will be tested.
  5. Papers will be written at Roedean School (SA) on Wednesday, 10 March 2016.
    In the case of girls living a very long distance from Roedean, special permission may be granted for them to write at their home schools. Requests to write offsite, must be submitted by the Principal of the school, at least a week before the examination. Provision will not be made for the examination to be written on an alternative day.
  6. The financial position of the parents is not a criterion.
  7. The decisions of the Bursary & Scholarship Committee in awarding the scholarships will be final and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard.
  8. Mrs Williams, the Executive Headmistress, will notify the winners telephonically on 1 April 2016 and all candidates will receive a letter informing them of the winners. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the results of the scholarship examination. The scholarships will commence at the beginning of 2016.
  9. In making application, a detailed Grade 6 report will be required. In addition, any talent displayed by the candidate in the fields of music, dramatic arts, visual arts, and/or sport should be mentioned. Roedean reserves the right to request a letter of recommendation from the head of the school currently attended by the candidate.
  10. Applicants must complete the enclosed application form. Unsuccessful candidates are not under any obligation whatsoever to attend Roedean School (SA).
  11. The closing date for receipt of applications is 24 February 2016
  12. Before making application to write the Roedean scholarship examination, parents should consult the head of the school currently attended by their daughter.

For additional information, please contact:
Glynnis Payne
011 647 3200 or