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Senior School Overview

One of Roedean’s greatest strengths is the standard of the academic programme at the school. Roedean is a school which is steeped in tradition and, while the curriculum that is offered reflects the traditional values of the school, it is dynamic, and continues to be both relevant and exciting.

A team of highly-qualified, experienced and deeply committed teachers works to assist Roedean girls to achieve to the best of their ability. The five-year journey through the national curriculum culminates in the writing of the National Senior Certificate Examinations of the Independent Examinations Board.

There is a wide range of subjects on offer, including a number of foreign languages.

Each year, we are filled with pride when we receive the results of our Matric pupils as these are, without fail, quite superb. While we are always thrilled by the large number of distinctions, we often derive even greater joy from the achievements of those pupils who have required significant, sustained support to obtain their certificates.

While it is always gratifying that our pupils enjoy overwhelming success in their placement, in the courses of their choice, at local universities, we are also very proud of those girls who have gained places at international universities, as this illustrates the international competitiveness of the education offered at Roedean. Below is a list of past pupils who have been accepted at overseas institutions since 2005.

Although we follow the national curriculum, we do add extra value to it, striving to equip our pupils with the special skills that will be required in the 21 st Century. With the present explosion in knowledge, pupils must be equipped to access, analyse and evaluate information; they require excellent cognitive and social skills. There is extensive use, throughout the curriculum, of Information Technology, and a special Cognitive Education Programme, which began in earnest in 2011, focuses on developing critical and creative thinking skills, and encourages self-directed learning. It also aims to develop responsible citizens who are aware of topical issues and are able to consider and evaluate possible solutions.

- Tessa and Tanya Lee – Brown University, USA

- Michaela Tiller – Harvard Univesity, USA

- Alexandra McIlraith – Princeton University, USA
- Charlotte Savage – Edinburgh University – Declined offer – at London School of Economics, UK
- Adele Rossouw – Yale University, USA

- Nancy Lee – Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA
- Radhika Mahidara – Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA
- Li Chi Pan – Universtiy of Melbourne, Australia

- Ayanda Collins – Brown University, USA
- Oyinkan Olojede – New York University, USA
- Kara Birkenmayer- Harvard University, USA (Accepted 2013)

- 2012 Savannah Price – St Andrews, Scotland
- Ariana Pather- Brown University, USA (Accepted 2014)

- Katherine Perdikis- The University of New South Wales, Australia
- Lindiwe Makgalemele- Harvard University, USA
- Behnazir Mohamed- University of Pennsylvania, USA
- Ngozi Olojede- Has been made offers to University of Berkley California and University of Pennsylvania, USA

Allan Gray Fellowships
- Prianka Pillay (2009)
- Lindiwe Makgalemele (2013)