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Life Sciences

The subject, Life Sciences is an exciting study of life in an environment that is constantly changing. The pupils are encouraged to develop along three interdependent pathways:

  • Learn by investigation
  • Develop a sound understanding of biological concepts and processes.
  • Apply the concepts to society and the environment.

A series of stimulating activities ensure that pupils develop a wide range of inquiry, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The incorporation of new research findings and “hot topics” into lessons allows pupils to appreciate the impact that biological science is having on society and the environment today.

The curriculum exposes pupils to various ethical debates in biology and strives to make pupils aware of how experimental bias can undermine an investigation. Emphasis is placed on the important link between biological form and function and pupils are encouraged to identify common and recurring relationships in various aspects of the subject.

At all times, the staff strive, through careful planning of exciting lessons, to instill a love of Life Sciences in the pupils and show the interrelatedness between science, technology, indigenous knowledge, the environment and society.