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In line with one of Roedean’s important guiding principles, a progressive curriculum in the key subject of Mathematics works towards developing independence of thought in all Roedean girls through the study and application of mathematical concepts and principles. Mathematics is a discipline which requires an open-minded approach and a willingness to explore ideas as they are introduced. At Roedean, teachers are passionate about the subject and are committed to inspiring the girls to tackle the subject matter without fear and with the confidence to make mistakes, knowing that the learning process requires continual reorganisation of knowledge. Our teachers are dedicated and experienced, and form a team wholly committed to getting the best out of every Roedean girl.

Mathematics is also a discipline that requires dedication from the girls themselves, and at Roedean, numerous opportunities are offered to the girls where they can develop independent and sound working habits with support always available. Technology forms an important and relevant part of each year of study and every girl has access to world-class computer facilities. Our aim is to create young mathematicians who explore, analyse, conjecture and justify – important mathematical attributes and cognitive skills.

Mathematics in the FET phase is taught with thoroughness and rigour at Roedean. This results in the girls achieving consistently excellent results, not only in the final IEB Matriculation examination, but in a number of benchmark tests and pilot studies in which Roedean participates with willingness and commitment. The final matriculation results reflect the excellence of Mathematics teaching at Roedean from the St Margaret’s classes, through the Junior School and into the Senior School. Roedean girls not only achieve excellent results, but they are thoroughly prepared for Mathematics at a tertiary level.

Advanced Programme Mathematics:
Advanced Programme Mathematics is offered as an eighth subject from Grade 10 to Grade 12. The subject is designed to challenge those girls with a talent and a passion for Mathematics and is uniquely placed to prepare girls for the demands of University first year Mathematics courses. It has been our experience that those girls who study Advanced Programme Mathematics cope exceptionally well with their University studies and they frequently return to Roedean to share their experiences with us. The subject extends the girls in the Mathematics that is studied in the core Mathematics courses and also introduces new topics such as graph theory and population modelling.

In the GET phase of Mathematics at Roedean, girls are taught in innovative and creative ways in order to prepare them for the vigour of the FET phase. Technology is an important part of the teaching in this phase and girls are timetabled regularly to use the computer resources available at the school. Fun activities are also created for the girls, including a trip to investigate the Mathematics inherent in activities at Gold Reef City and the AMathzing Race. Important concepts such as ratio and proportion are introduced in activities which allow the girls to explore and consolidate these concepts. 14 March or (PI Day) is celebrated every year with activities that embrace the concept of the irrational number pi.

Mathematics Centre of Excellence

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