Internship Development Programme

CIDA Empowerment Trust – Teacher Internship Programme

The CIDA Empowerment Trust is an education trust, which offers an innovative approach to investing in deserving young people through the awarding of tertiary education bursaries, coupled with comprehensive support and teaching internships. Over the past 10 years, the CIDA endowment has been the source of bursaries to over 1000 deserving South African students from poor communities, to study towards university degrees.

Roedean has been identified, by CIDA, as the lead school for their teacher development programme. As such, Roedean will be primarily responsible for designing and implementing the school-based integration of best-practice teaching and the overall professionalization of the interns. Mrs F. Rogers, as a representative of Roedean, will sit on the Steering Committee for the internship programme and attend meetings which are held, on average, about twice per month.

The purpose of the programme is to contribute to the pool of highly competent black teachers of Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Sciences in South Africa. It is hoped that some of these teachers may eventually be appointed as teachers at Roedean, so that we would, to some extent, be “growing our own timber”.

The intention is that the programme would:

  • Entice high-achieving graduates into the teaching profession.
  • By providing a two-year internship, make the candidates highly employable.  Experience has shown that teacher-graduates who have been immersed in a classroom and practise-based programme such as this, are much more likely to find employment than those who have not.
  • By providing significant mentoring, ensure that the students develop into effective and inspirational teachers within a defined period of time.
  • As a consequence of the strong psycho-social and academic support, equip the interns for taking on leadership roles at schools in the future.

Realema Teacher Internship Programme

St John’s College and Masibambane College founded Realema in 2013, when Pieter Steyn (then Head of Masibambane College) and Patrick Lees (Head of St John’s Prep) decided to offer teacher internships to deserving Matric candidates from Masibambane College, to provide them with a tertiary education opportunity and address the dearth of good teachers in South Africa. Pier Myburgh joined them shortly after, to create and implement a sustainable programme plan. Since then, Realema has grown exponentially and are honoured to partner with some of the top schools in and around Johannesburg.

Vision: To offer Masibambane and St John’s and Roedean Academy students the opportunity to study a teaching degree, thereby developing professional, passionate and experienced teachers who will contribute to South African education and communities.

Mission: Realema will provide the selected candidates with the necessary support to encourage their successful completion of a professional teaching degree. They will enlist existing and available expertise and manage resources and processes responsibly, to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Programme.

Realema’s partner schools welcome the interns as colleagues. They freely share their expertise and teaching resources with the interns so that they may receive the best teacher training and work experience possible. In addition, they provide accommodation and food on or near their own campuses.

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