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St Margaret’s School Curriculum

Grade 0

In Grade 0 we prepare the girls for formal school using integrated learning approach through the medium of play and active learning. There is a strong emphasis on physical activity and learning through participation.

The general aim of our Numeracy activities is to develop skills using different contexts for counting and to create an awareness and knowledge of number value, symbols and sequence.

Language skills are linked to our vocabulary building, theme based discussions and auditory and visual perceptual programme. Reading and spelling are introduced using letter sounds and alphabet names and by concentrating on auditory and visual perceptual skills. Our reading and writing programme takes place in a structured but informal manner.

Life skills and thinking skills are discussed and encouraged continuously during the course of the day encouraging social skills, classroom etiquette, courtesy and respect for others. Our girls take part in many fun activities that promote independence and responsibility – Responsibility Breakfast and Book Week.

Grade 1

Grade 1 is a year in which the foundation is laid for a happy and positive approach to their continued school experience.

It is a busy and exciting year in which formal learning is introduced. The Literacy programme we adopt provides the girls with lifelong skills and instills a strong love for reading. Reading and spelling are continued using letter sounds and alphabet names. An individual reading programme is implemented for each girl.

The Singapore Math Curriculum forms the basis of Numeracy. We use a practical problem solving approach, where the girls learn through experience and practical application. Through differentiated groups each girl works at her own pace and within different number ranges.

Grade 2

Grade 2 is a year of consolidation and building from the foundations laid in Grade 1. Reading and the love thereof is a strong focal point during the year. Phonics and spelling rules are learnt and applied correctly in all aspects of the girl’s learning.

There is a strong emphasis on Numeracy and a practical application of these skills which are extended to incorporate the concepts of “times” and “divide”.

Grade 3 (FI)

As Grade 3 is the final year of the Foundation Phase, our curriculum incorporates the three primary learning areas: Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills. We build onto the skills that the girls have already learnt on their journey through St Margaret’s, in preparation for their move into the Upper Junior school.

In Literacy, a lot of attention is put into developing the girls’ reading skills beyond the simple decoding of the text. We challenge them to interpret what they read and to contribute their thoughts and ideas, linked to what they have read, through discussion. Through the reading of, and engagement with, a variety of texts, the girls broaden their general knowledge, vocabulary and personal understanding of the world around them. Reinforcement of language usage and structure is done through specified exercises as well as creative writing exercises.

In Numeracy, we polish the girls’ calculation speed and accuracy, as well as develop their ability to analyse and solve word problems, applying appropriate operations to do so. Throughout the year, we also work through Numeracy themes which comprise working with numbers, measurement, data handling, space and shapes, and patterns.

Our Life Skills curriculum develops the learners’ awareness of self, and their place in the world. We encourage the girls to become more conscious of their physical and emotional wellbeing, their social responsibility, as well as their own personal goals and ideals. We use the rich history of the country that they live in to help them to decide for themselves about who they are, how they have benefited from the community around them, and the contributions that they would like to make in return.