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About Us

Inspiring a Life of Significance

Roedean School’s progressive cross-curricular approach aims to nurture socially responsible young women who go on to lead lives of significance.

Roedean School (SA) was founded in 1903 as a sister school to the esteemed Roedean in Brighton, England. Armed with “the most modern ideals for the education of girls”, Theresa Lawrence and Katherine Margaret Earle set sail for South Africa at the turn of the last century and began their school, complete with 22 pupils, in a small house in Johannesburg.

Today, over 750 pupils from Grade 0 to Matric, wear the Roedean uniform with pride: pupils drawn from a richly diverse range of cultures. When the school’s centenary was celebrated in 2003, the flags of 47 countries were displayed, representing the different nationalities of pupils attending the school that year. They would leave the school with one thing in common: the hallmark of Roedean.

Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to Roedean School (SA)

Mrs. Lindi Dlamini
Executive Director


Roedean’s Story

In 1903, just a year after the end of the Anglo-Boer War, Theresa Lawrence and Katherine Margaret Earle set sail for South Africa, inspired by a vision. Their mission was to create a world-class sister school to the esteemed Roedean School (Brighton, England).

Founded by the Lawrence family in 1885, Roedean Brighton prided itself on its core ethos: to provide young girls with the kind of academic education that would enable them to meet the challenges they faced at the time in their struggle for gender equality.

Together, these resourceful pioneers of the teaching profession built Roedean School (SA) and so began its great history of academic excellence, civic duty, and cultural diversity.

Their vision within the framework of a nurturing and caring environment was brought to life with stunning gardens and Sir Herbert Baker architecture.

120 years on, Roedean School (SA) upholds the values of Truth, Honour, Freedom, and Courtesy, and the founding ethos of Theresa Lawrence and Katherine Margarte Earle remain the guiding principles of Roedean School (SA).

Roedean is committed to providing opportunities for young women to make career choices that will enable them to be successful and globally competitive

Unique Character

We are guided by a strong set of values and principles.


Meet the Roedean

The Board of Directors of Roedean School (SA) provides strategic guidance to assist the leadership of Roedean in the running of the school. Board members are all leaders in their respective fields with a wealth of experience across key sectors of society. Their passion for education is essential to maintaining the progressive educational environment at Roedean.

Unique Character

We are proud of the attributes of our school that set us apart

Our core values, heritage, academic excellence and holistic approach are our cornerstone and create an exceptional and nurturing environment for learning and the development of our modern Roedean heroines and future leaders.

Innovative Curriculum

Roedean is committed to a number of strategic initiatives that place the school at the forefront of academic excellence. We are determined to create new horizons and exciting challenges for both pupils and staff members that will equip them to lead lives of significance.

Thinking School

Roedean’s Thinking School journey was initiated in 2009, and in 2017 the school became the first whole school (from Grade 0 to Grade 12) in South Africa to be accredited as a Thinking School by the University of Exeter (UK).

Leadership Programme

Our mission remains the same as when the school was founded in 1903, which is to empower young women for their roles in the world. Roedean’s motto, ‘Inspiring a life of significance’, instils in our pupils an understanding of the socio-economic realities of the world and encourages the pupils to use their education for the common good of others. In this way, we pay homage to the example of our Founders.

Round Square

Roedean School (SA) is a proud member of Round Square, a world-wide association of more than 200 schools, in 50 countries, which focuses on the development of character.

Students attending Round Square Schools make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and personal responsibility.

Social Responsibility

Roedean’s innovative cross-curricular approach aims to build socially conscious and responsible young women. Proactive social responsibility projects, underpinned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, are fundamental to the school’s ethos.

Our Campus

Historic buildings, stunning gardens and 21st Century resources form the perfect backdrop to support and enhance our offering.

Our Campus

Our pupils enjoy a wide range of facilities

From world-class sports facilities to cutting-edge academic resources and more, Roedean’s state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment for our pupils to experience a truly holistic education. 


Social Responsibility is one of our core tenets

Our Social Responsibility Programme is based on putting Roedean’s core principles into practice. The community in which Roedean is located is diverse and dynamic, creating unique opportunities for pupils to engage with a variety of community-based organisations.

Social Responsibility

See what we’re doing

At the heart of Roedean School is a strong sense of community.

Guided by our principles, we strive to make a difference in the community and world around us through various Social Responsibility projects that focus on sustainable social development and social justice.

Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion

Roedean School (SA) must play a role in contributing to transformation of education and achieving a more equal society.


Our Ongoing Journey

Inspired by the example of our Founders, Roedean School (SA) acknowledges its role in ensuring more have access to the quality education that Roedean offers.

Transformation at Roedean means we aspire to:

  • Create an internal environment where everyone experiences belonging and the dignity of all is upheld;
  • Be a school that is reflective and affirming of the various forms of diversity that exist in the South African Constitution and our society; and
  • Prepare our students to be effective global citizens through exposure to different perspectives, experiences and identities at a young age where they can learn the creative and thinking skills needed to embrace the complexities of life.


Old Roedeanians

The South African Old Roedeanian Association (SAORA) is made up of Roedean’s past matriculants, known as Old Roedeanians. The Association has a rich history and continues to play an active role in the school to ensure that its history and traditions are preserved. It also fosters a close community of alumnae across the various years.


Parent Teacher Association

We are fortunate to work side by side with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which contributes significantly to the school.

The Parent Teacher Association comprises parents and guardians of all current pupils at Roedean as well as all currently employed teachers. The PTA plays an active role in the school’s development and growth through fundraising, organising events and assisting wherever needed.


Dale Quaker

Dale Quaker is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Cupric Africa, a private equity owned mining company which through its Botswana sister company Khoemacau Copper recently completed the building of its copper silver project.

He was previously the CFO of the Khoemacau Group leading the finance function as the Group transitioned from an exploration company, through the fundraising of a $650m debt, streaming and equity funding package through to completion of construction..

Prior to joining Cupric, he was an independent consultant to the mining and construction industries. In his last corporate role, he headed up the marketing and logistics function for Xstrata Coal South Africa, after having fulfilled a senior finance role in the company previously..

Dale held roles at BHPBillition subsidiary, Samancor Chrome, both at the operations and corporate office in Johannesburg. Dale is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant and has three daughters at Roedean.