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Senior School

Welcome to  Roedean Senior School

Ranked as one of the top independent schools in the country, Roedean’s Senior School provides a progressive and high-quality education as our pupils begin their final journey towards obtaining their IEB Matric certificate. 

Senior School Overview

A world-class education

A team of highly qualified, experienced and deeply committed teachers work to assist Roedean students to achieve to the best of their ability across their five-year journey in the Senior School, from their entry in Lower V (Grade 8) to their final Matric year (Grade 12) when they write the National Senior Certificate examinations offered by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

Each year, we are filled with pride when we receive the results of our Matric pupils as these are, without fail, superb. While we are always thrilled by the large number of distinctions, we often derive even greater joy from the achievements of those pupils who have required significant, sustained support to obtain their certificates.

While it is always gratifying that our pupils enjoy overwhelming success in their placement, in the courses of their choice, at local universities, we are also very proud of those students who have gained places at international universities, as this illustrates the international competitiveness of the education offered at Roedean.

Pupils have the opportunity to enrich their lives through participation in an extensive range of sports and co-curricular activities which lead to the development of leadership and other critical skills. The holistic excellence of a Roedean education ensures our pupils are fully equipped, as they journey through the school, to lead lives of significance when they venture into the world.

Message from the Senior School Head

Shine brightly at Roedean

Welcome to a school where we all belong. Each person who joins us is created as part of the Universe and upon arriving here, becomes a part of Roedean.

One hundred and twenty years of developing young minds and souls, against the backdrop of Truth, Honour, Freedom, and Courtesy as values, have resulted in a space where the dignity and authenticity of each person are appreciated and grown. Roedean is a sanctuary of peace where pupils are afforded the privilege of outstanding academic guidance as well as the opportunity of developing their whole selves in areas of sport, culture, service, and spirituality.

The exquisite physical space and the optimally developed facilities create an ideal environment in which to raise young people who will live lives of significance. Significant people are not only academically qualified but have also learnt to master their emotional interactions. Kindness, care, and compassion are all part of what Roedean stands for. We raise each other up.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants and we have the opportunity to see further and expect more with each passing generation. So, we arrive at Roedean humble, knowing that we have a duty to be part of raising this magnificent school even higher. I encourage every pupil to use this platform to find their natural talents and invest their energy in becoming the best that they can be. You will be supported fully in realising your dreams.

In a South African space, we are committed to honouring the diversity and brilliance that our country has to offer as well as spreading our positive influence beyond the gates of our school. 

Our pupils are the leaders of the future and must begin modelling leadership and influence within our context while they are still at school.

Education is not only a privilege but should also be a joy. Roedean welcomes you into a happy space where laughter and opportunities to celebrate the splendour of life abound. Our team of teachers are committed to making each pupil feel safe and comfortable – at home.

Our campus is abuzz with activity and prospects, and I encourage each one of you to immerse yourself in an exceptional school experience. We are all destined to shine. I invite you to shine brightly at Roedean.

Annabel Roberts
Senior School Head


Academic Overview

The five-year journey through the national curriculum culminates in the writing of the National Senior Certificate examinations of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). 

The academic curriculum for Lower and Middle V (Grades 8 and 9) has been re-designed to reduce academic stress for our students. Subjects are taught in six-week modules and are assessed using a combination of formal and informal methods. 

From Upper V (Grade 10), pupils are required to select a minimum of seven subjects that they will take to Matric. These comprise four compulsory subjects and three electives. Pupils also have the opportunity to take an eighth subject if they wish. Our curriculum is audited annually to ensure that we offer Afro-centric content wherever possible.

Senior School

About our curriculum

There is a wide range of subjects on offer, including a number of foreign languages. 

Although we follow the national curriculum, we also add extra value to it, striving to equip our pupils with the special skills required in the 21st Century. With the present explosion in knowledge, pupils must be equipped to access, analyse, and evaluate information, and they require excellent cognitive and social skills. 

There is extensive use, throughout the curriculum, of Information Technology, while a special Cognitive Education Programme, which began in earnest in 2011, focuses on developing critical and creative thinking skills, and encourages self-directed learning. It also aims to develop responsible citizens who are aware of topical issues and are able to consider and evaluate possible solutions.

Matric Results

Our outstanding Matric results

We are thrilled by the large number of distinctions that our girls have achieved, with outstanding results in individual subjects across the curriculum as well as overall success. We derive even greater joy from the achievements of those students who have benefited from significant, sustained support to obtain their certificates.

Nurturing Environment

Pastoral Care

Roedean Senior School has an established and structured Pastoral Care System.

Pupils are nurtured, through the House system, by their peers, Tutors, and Housemistresses as well as the Deputy Head of Pastoral Care.

The Pastoral Care system is aimed at providing individual and group support, as well as at creating awareness regarding socio-emotional challenges. The work of our Pastoral Care Team aims to ensure that every pupil feels cared for and valued during her time at Roedean.

Nurturing Environment

Peer Support


Each Lower V pupil (Grade 8) is allocated a Matric ‘buddy’ who will mentor her through her first year at Roedean. Another layer of peer support comes in the form of Vertical Tutor Groups, where pupils across all grades gather in small groups to discuss topical subjects or concerns.

Nurturing Environment



The role of the tutor is to track progress and support pupils throughout their time at school. Each tutor group is allocated two tutors who have regular contact with the class. 

Nurturing Environment



The Housemistresses oversee the House system and have an overview of all the pupils in their House. Any concerns or celebrations are shared with the Housemistresses, and they are able to follow up in the appropriate manner.

Nurturing Environment

Deputy Head of Pastoral Care


The Deputy Head of Pastoral Care is there to support all the pupils in the school as well as connect with parents when the need arises. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concern about their daughters’ emotional well-being.

Nurturing Environment



The school is fortunate to have a team of full-time qualified psychologists on site. The psychologists interact with the Lower V and Middle V (Grade 8 and 9) classes to address emotional well-being and discuss social issues. Individual attention is available to pupils and families.

Co-Curricular Activities

See what we’re up to.

A large number of cultural and  service activities are offered at Roedean, alongside activities that are structured around the six IDEALS or pillars that are central to the philosophy of Round Square schools. 

Senior School Co-Curricular Activities

We are a place where a values-led vision for holistic education is enshrined.

Parents should be aware that Roedean is a busy environment, where individuals’ talents and aspirations are nurtured. In practice this means that every facet of a student’s development is embraced, and our pupils are expected to participate in a range of sporting, cultural and service co-curricular activities. Various compulsory weekend and late-evening activities support our commitment to this holistic approach to education.

Co-Curricular Activities

Sports Offering

Sport is, and has been since the school started, both an integral and a critically important aspect of life at Roedean. 

We believe that it is vital for the physical and emotional well-being of every pupil for her to participate in some form of sport every week. The benefits are wide-ranging and sport is a critical element of an holistic education; it is as much a part of learning at Roedean as any academic subject.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is one of our core tenets.

Our Social Responsibility Programme is based on putting Roedean’s core principles into practice. The community in which Roedean is located is diverse and dynamic, creating unique opportunities for pupils to engage with a variety of community-based organisations.

Social Responsibility

We work on many outreach projects.

At Roedean, social responsibility is not seen as charity but rather as the development of sustainable projects that involve reciprocal learning. As an educational institution, our focus is often centred around education.

Sustainable social development and social justice are at the core of all projects that are conceptualised with Roedean’s community partners. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Mary Williams Boarding House

Comfortable student accommodation

This secure and comfortable House can accommodate 78 senior pupils from Grades 8 to 12. They are housed in spacious single and double rooms, creating both an intimate and a people-friendly communal living environment.

Boarding House

Safe, homely accommodation for our students

Living away from home can often be a daunting prospect for young students; however, we believe the Mary Williams House has been built and furnished in such a way that every student will feel cared for in a warm, comfortable, and happy environment. The resident matrons serve as surrogate mothers and provide a structured environment for those in their care, while never forgetting the need for the pupils to become responsible and independent young women.


Upcoming events

Dale Quaker

Dale Quaker is currently the Chief Financial Officer for Cupric Africa, a private equity owned mining company which through its Botswana sister company Khoemacau Copper recently completed the building of its copper silver project.

He was previously the CFO of the Khoemacau Group leading the finance function as the Group transitioned from an exploration company, through the fundraising of a $650m debt, streaming and equity funding package through to completion of construction..

Prior to joining Cupric, he was an independent consultant to the mining and construction industries. In his last corporate role, he headed up the marketing and logistics function for Xstrata Coal South Africa, after having fulfilled a senior finance role in the company previously..

Dale held roles at BHPBillition subsidiary, Samancor Chrome, both at the operations and corporate office in Johannesburg. Dale is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Management Accountant and has three daughters at Roedean.