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Olympiads Competitions

Olympiads Competitions

Afrikaans Olympiad

The ATKV (Afrikaans Language and Culture Association) annually offers learners who are doing Afrikaans as a subject the opportunity to partake in their Afrikaans Olympiad. This is an event where our Roedean School pupils showcase their technical grammar, comprehension, and literature skills in writing a three-hour test.

It is always encouraging to see how well our pupils perform in the Olympiad, frequently being ranked in top positions both in Gauteng and nationally. We are extremely proud of their prowess in the language and their success in the Olympiad.

English Olympiad

Roedean School students have participated most successfully in the annual SACEE English Olympiad for many years. Each year, the Olympiad enriches Gr 10 – 12 participants’ appreciation for both language and literature. Each year the theme changes which gives our students the opportunity to extend their prowess.

IsiZulu Olympiad

The IsiZulu Department is proud of the Roedean pupils for their excellent achievements in the IsiZulu Olympiads. In the past two years, we have had pupils placed in the top 10? Achievers in the province? Each year, Grade 8 -11 pupils are encouraged to participate in order to assess their levels of proficiency in this language. Various themes are used and a variety of questions are asked, some of which are very thought provoking. This is a wonderful opportunity that encourages the pupils to appreciate the language.

Mathematics Olympiad

On 11 March, 388 pupils wrote the first round of the South African Mathematics Olympiad. The paper consisted of twenty questions with multiple choice answers; no calculators or mathematical instruments were permitted. We are very proud to announce that 128 girls qualified to write the Second Round, which will be held on 18 May. We wish our talented mathematicians all the best for the next challenging stage.