Inspiring a Life of Significance

“Every child deserves the right to leave her own unique mark on the world”

Senior School Headmistress

Message from Senior School Headmistress

Meeting the objective of “Inspiring Lives of Significance” in all the young women who pass through the gates of Roedean requires constant reflection and re-positioning to ensure that we remain relevant in these times of exponential change.

While Roedean has a proud history of 118 years of excellence in education, we would be foolish to remain complacent and simply continue to do what we have always done, without constantly examining our strategies and updating them to reflect the times in which we live.

It is widely accepted that a fine academic education, which develops the intelligence of each pupil, is a passport to success in any career, and Roedean has a proven record of excellence in education. Our fine academic programme, facilitated by an experienced, world-class teaching staff, coupled with our Cognitive Education Programme, for which we have received Advanced Accreditation from the University of Exeter, ensure that Roedean pupils can think critically, creatively and reflectively, and that they have every opportunity to perform at their academic personal best.

However, development of one’s intelligence quotient alone is not sufficient to prepare anyone for a life of significance. It has been widely recognised, since the 1990s, that EQ, or emotional quotient, is essential to ensure that one is able to relate well to others, empathise with them and work effectively in a team; it is a critical ingredient to being able to take one’s place as a leader. Roedean pupils have an impressive variety of opportunities to develop these skills through Round Square initiatives which develop character through the exploration of the twelve discoveries; together these discoveries build the six IDEALS which underpin the Round Square philosophy.

Activities which promote this development include our strong sporting programme, many different cultural activities, our participation in the President’s Award, many leadership opportunities and our social responsibility programme, which is centred around the development of reciprocal learning experiences with our partner organisations. The Cognitive Education curriculum also promotes the development of a strong EQ through Habits of Mind such as “Listening with Empathy and Understanding”, “Thinking Flexibly” and “Thinking Interdependently”, as well as our popular new Grade 9 Ethical Thinking module.

The Covid pandemic showed us, without any doubt, that to flourish in the uncertain future we face, it is essential to be adaptable. Indeed, many young and influential business leaders believe that AQ, Adaptability Quotient, will be more important in determining the future success of people than either IQ or EQ will be. Certainly, anyone who wishes to lead a life of significance will need to be resilient and flexible; able to change direction quickly when required. At Roedean, we have for several years been working to develop a Growth Mindset in our pupils in order to ensure that they will be agile and able to navigate the uncertainty of the future.

Roedean’s ability to develop the IQ, EQ and AQ of our pupils ensures that the young women who attend the school will have every opportunity to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. They will be equipped to be leaders in any field of endeavour that they choose, thus being well positioned to lead the lives of significance we work to inspire.

Fiona Rogers
Executive Headmistress