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Roedean Community Building Program

One of the PTA’s objectives is to build the community of Roedean by creating opportunities for all the people who forms part of the Roedean Community to interact and to socialise.

Annual PTA Cocktail Party
Annually, on the first Friday after the school reopens, after the Christmas holidays, the PTA hosts a cocktail party, in Founders’ Hall, to which all parents and members of staff are invited.

Moms and Daughters Lunch
The Moms & Daughters annual lunch is a unique event where the Gymnasium get to be transformed in a complete new experience for mother and daughter alike. Over the years the transformation ranged from themes such as “Out of Africa”, “Hot Saffron” to “A Pastel Parade” themes. This is one of our most popular functions of the year when mothers and daughters gather to share some special time and watch the Matric girls model their beautiful gowns. Read More

PTA School Event Support

The PTA supports school events by rendering numerous services at events such as:

- Annual Music Picnic
- Senior School Parents’ Evenings
- Yamaha/Lovemore Music Competition
- ARBM Music Examinations
- St Margaret Morning Coffees