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The Roedean Science Department

The Science department aims to stimulate interest in Physics and Chemistry through exciting lessons with an emphasis on practical skills and to encourage pupils to continue the study of Science at tertiary level.

The Science Department oversees the teaching of the Science component of Natural Sciences at Grade 8 and 9 level and Physical Sciences from Grade 10 to 12.

Roedean is committed to teaching the Natural Sciences Curriculum as separate subjects so that the pupils are taught by specialists in the fields of Life Sciences or Physical Sciences. During Grades 8 and 9 the focus is on the development of investigative skills and foundational knowledge in order to establish the skills necessary for further study at senior level. All Grade 8 and 9 pupils complete an investigative project which is presented at an internal Science Expo. The best projects are entered into the Regional Competition of the ESKOM Expo for Young Scientists.

In Grades 10 to 12 the NCS curriculum is followed according to the IEB Assessment Guidelines. The course material is divided into 7 major themes:

  • Mechanics
  • Waves, Sound and Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Matter and Materials
  • Chemical change
  • Chemical Systems

Practical work is used to enhance the understanding of content knowledge. Problem-solving and application of knowledge are integral to success in this subject and skills learnt in the Roedean Cognitive Education Programme are put into practice in the classroom.

The teaching staff are highly qualified, enthusiastic and committed. At present, there are 3 full time teachers in the Department as well as the Deputy Headmistress who teaches some senior science:

  • Mrs. Leigh Kleynhans (HOD)
  • Mrs. Fiona Rogers (Deputy Headmistress)

The Science Department is ably assisted by a well qualified Laboratory technician, Mr. Robert Mmumba.
The Science department occupies two well-equipped laboratories that have interactive whiteboards. ICT has become an integral part of the teaching programme. Pupils are exposed to the use of dataloggers as a means of collecting results during experiments. There are plans to refurbish the present laboratories to develop state of the art teaching and practical spaces in the near future.

In Grade 8 and 9 the department provides pupils with specifically designed notes and resources. In the senior phase, pupils are prescribed textbooks as well as specifically designed support material. In 2013 we will be introducing the use of an electronic textbook and an online revision programme to complement hard copy resources.

The Eskom EXPO for Young Scientist Competition

The Science and Biology Departments would like to congratulate all the MVs and LVs for their enthusiastic participation in the EXPO. We were delighted with the wide range of topics, covering biology, chemistry and physics. There was clear evidence of creative thinking and problem solving skills.

The improvement in using proper scientific investigative skills is significant and this bodes well for further study in these areas. The oral presentations were interesting and many girls answered questions about their investigations with confidence.

The 2014 Eskom Expo Medalist Winners:



Fruit skin filtration: Using fruit skins as a filter

Elma Mammen (MV)



Clean easy, Sleep easy:

Hannah Goldblatt (LV)

To test whether commercial cleaning products or natural products would be better at cleaning stains and reducing bacteria.

Julia Kinghorn (LV)

No mosquitoes, no malaria: To use electrical energy to reduce amount of mosquito larvae in a water source.

Tarika Pather (LV)



Numbers rule the world…or do they? Testing of Fibonacci patterns in art, nature and architecture.

Kara Ranwell (LV)

Mainstream Memories: To test how well David Hyerles Thinking Maps work to remember data.

Aliyah Bulbulia (LV)