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Roedean Academy

The Roedean Academy – Changing Lives through Education

The Roedean Academy is an initiative spearheaded by Roedean School (SA) that aims to provide additional tuition for Scholars from under-resourced schools. Roedean has established a world-class training environment which is sustainable, and which is having a significant influence on South Africa’s English, Mathematics, and Physical Science/Accounting education for girls from under-resourced communities. We have partnered with the neighbouring Barnato Park High School to provide tuition in Mathematics, English, Accounting and Physical Science to up to 100 girls from Grade 8-12. 

During the school year, the girls arrive at Roedean School at 3:00. Once the register has been taken, the girls have a hot lunch in the dining-room. Once the girls have finished lunch, they have the opportunity to go to the Roedean library and choose books to take home with them. At 3:30, classes start and the girls go off to their relevant classroom. They attend the programme on various afternoons per week. With the class sizes kept at a maximum of 20, the girls are tutored in Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Science and English by Roedean staff and using Roedean facilities. In addition to classroom teaching, time is also set aside to use the computer room for research and to complete school assignments. Grade 8 and Grade 9 pupils attend the Academy on three afternoons per week. Here the focus is on Mathematics and English.